Welcome to Dongguan Kangtai refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., We provides dry freight car, the refrigeration unit
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   Company Introduction:
   Dongguan  Kangtai refrigeration  
equipment co., LTD limited is a company specialized in refrigerated vehicles (including medicines refrigerated trucks, cinnamon, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated food trucks, refrigerated trucks, fruit, flowers and distribution of electronic products refrigerated trucks), dry cargo compartment, stage, airport equipment cars, freezers, cold storage cold chain transportation equipment research and development, production and sales of integrated industrial company.Head Office is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, covering more than 7,000 square meters, up to more than 10 million yuan in fixed assets, currently employs more than 100 people, including 4 senior engineers, senior managers, 10 people, annual output value of more than 50 million Yuan.Products are sold throughout China and exported to Hong Kong, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

  At present, the kangtai company, sales of refrigerated trucks from the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of technical supervision and other products have been approved and registered.In line with national standards, sales of vehicles have refrigerator car announcements, sold van refrigerated trucks, refrigerator car, holding bread, Qingling, jiangling, jianghuai, Foton, Wuling, Nobutatsu, Uemoto automobile manufacturers have a direct relationship.Sales agent installation hang bingfeng, Leng Wang, Kalee, Denso, Mitsubishi brand refrigerator.Meanwhile, the company also developed, stage of production and sale of dry goods, all kinds of cars, car, city car, airport equipment and cold storage projects.
  Company to "build century-Condé Nast, casting the world famous" as the goal, increase technology development and relay, constant innovation, improved product quality and grades.Making all kinds of high quality products such as refrigerated trucks, more cost-effective.And provide our clients with pre-sales consulting, customized solutions, sale, the after-sales service.Customers are welcome to visit my company site, guidance counselors.
  Product advantages: 
  Kangtai company's latest development of high-quality, cost-effective series refrigerator car, there is an essential difference between ordinary refrigerator car:
  Carriage plate forming at a time, using advanced 10 metres are made of vacuum platen machines;
  Inside and outside the car plate material selection of high quality glass, interlayer for polyurethane insulation;
  High strength natural resin glue for the four sides together to form a sealing plate and assembled car with a specially formulated composites for solid, increases the robustness of cab and better moisture retention;
  Shape with high quality unique aluminum edging, fittings with stainless steel.Using special sealing edges and qualified through dedicated leakage detection area detection.
  Overall car total: shape flat in appearance, durability, insulation performance reaches the international level a, light weight, loss impact, non-invasive characteristics such as solidity and airtightness is universally cold storage compartment can not be compared.By optimizing the design, unique technology, effectively increasing the plot ratio, life is a universal car more than twice times.
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