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• The company willing to provide comprehensive training for you, make sure you fully understand our products;
• We are happy to share with you the latest technology, combined with your product needs, providing a full range of solutions;
• You do not have to worry about the supply of parts, we have a large number of products of original parts for you to choose!
Pre-sale services:
"Pre-service" marketing mode, which combines many functions of sales, services, information, culture, etc. in one part of the company's marketing concept advocated. By
"Pre-service" concept of the use and extension, and ultimately to achieve the purpose, the first piece of equipment was sold by sales to go, after the device is to rely on the sale of high-quality services
Virtuous cycle out of the market. A "pre-service" model "close" for dealers and users, and the pre-service concept did fine degree. Using its
Network edge, multi-channel development of the global market. In support of the concept of pre-service, and gradually establish and improve global service network
• After delivery of the product, the company responsible for installation and commissioning of equipment free of charge, to assist the buyer for acceptance;
• The equipment acceptance, the buyer should designate a person using the department provides training standard technology and equipment operated by the company's technical staff, time should not be less than 12 hours (4 hours / day);
• After three months of usage our service department will visit the equipment and submit relevant reports;
• I sold the device, the warranty period is one year warranty, maintenance and replacement of spare parts are available free of charge; But all non-normal damage to equipment not covered under warranty, the buyer should pay for the costs associated with replacement parts ;
• Free warranty period, when the damage to the equipment required for the buyer to pay the costs associated with replacement parts (material procurement costs by reference pricing);
• use of process equipment, machine failure, the user department should cut off the power, orally or in writing our service department, service department at my company and strive to arrive at the scene after receiving the notice within 24 hours, if not solve the problem on the spot, should propose a solution within 72 hours and notify the buyer;
• Do not disassemble the fixed workpiece customers to open the case, otherwise it will lose the warranty;
• You only need to make a call or use other ways to contact us, we will resolve any technical issues for you;
• We will provide you with the best quality service in 365 days 24 hours! Our engineers through a variety of technical training, they have a superb technical good style, it must be your good helper!
• You just use your device, the rest of the things we do! You only need to spend a little time with us to sign a "service contract"!Service program
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